Midwifery Care


Benefits of Homebirth

  • The ability to move around in labor which helps speed labor, helps with pain management, can encourage baby into the optimal position and is a normal function in labor

  • You get to give birth in the comfort of your own home- women in their own surroundings tend to labor more comfortably

  • Waterbirth option- great for pain management and some feel it is an easier transition for the baby

  • You get to avoid any unnecessary medications and procedures

  • Eating and drinking in labor is encouraged

  • You tend to feel more in control at home and are more easily able to follow your intuition

  • The midwife comes to you- no riding in the care with contractions

  • The cord won’t be cut until it stops pulsating or longer, as long as it isn’t wrapped too tightly around the baby’s neck

  • Mother and baby are never separated

  • Siblings or other family members can be present for the birth

  • No possibility of an unknown person stealing the baby or switching the baby with another

  • Most midwives are professionals at perineal support and do not routinely do episiotomies

  • You are able to breastfeed immediately after birth and no one will give your baby formula

  • Midwives are trained to handle most immediate complications, i.e. hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, resuscitation

  • Babies are born drug-free and trauma free

  • You have the same care provider throughout your whole pregnancy, labor and postpartum


Advanced Doula Care


Benefits of Advanced Doula Care

Multiple studies have shown that doula care can provide:

  • Shorter labor times

  • Less cesarean sections

  • Less interventions

  • Less postpartum depression

  • More satisfaction with the birth

  • Education about birthing processes

  • Massage and guidance in labor

  • Emotional support

  • Ability to check mother’s vitals at home

  • Ability to check baby’s heartbeat at home

  • Ability to check, if wanted, mother’s cervical dilation to aid in correct hospital arrival time