About Me

Coley Douglass is a certified professional midwife, licensed midwife and founder of My Earth Birth Midwifery Services. She has attended over 500 home births, and supports a woman’s right to choose where and how she gives birth. Her belief is that women’s bodies were meant to give birth and in most cases can birth without intervention when they are comfortable and able to let their intuition guide them. Coley’s passion is in helping women feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with having a natural birth. She loves bonding with her fellow sisters throughout their journey to motherhood.

From a young age Coley knew she wanted to attend births as a profession. Growing up her family knew very well that at any social event, instead of playing with the kids her own age, Coley would be found making friends with new mothers and their babies. Coley later decided to become an obstetrician so she could bond with mothers on a regular basis. She had said, though, that she when she decided to have children of her own, she would stay at home and give birth by herself. At this point she had never heard of intentional home births or midwives or that their were any like-minded women.

Coley attended the University of California, Riverside as a Biology major and soon discovered her preference of Women’s Studies courses and the empowerment they bestowed. After two years of school, she was in a bookstore and was drawn to a book called “Waterbirth”. Everything in the book was about home birth and water birth, midwives, herbs, nutrition and over-all health. This was the magical moment when Coley’s calling began to summon her. In 2001 she decided to leave school and start her journey as a midwife’s apprentice. A few years later she became a midwife and still feels it was the best decision she ever made.

Coley’s training includes a five year apprenticeship with several midwives, birth in the US and Mexico, lactation education at Loma Linda University, employment and training with an herbalist who also educated her for two years in herbology, kinesiology, iridology and vitamins. Coley also worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) for three years, is certified in neonatal resuscitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and phlebotomy.

Coley has two daughters, Remedy and Winter, and a son, Indy. All three were born unassisted at home. Remedy in the water in 2010. Winter in the water in 2013 and Indy was born quickly on the bathroom floor with her husband and daughters in attendance in 2015.

With her quiet, calming demeanor, Coley is a gentle soul who allows women to feel comfortable and at ease. Knowing that there is no one right way for every woman, Coley’s method is to inform, educate, and support the new mother as she makes the best decision for her won transition into motherhood.