Coley S. Douglass, LM, CPM


Coley Douglass is a certified professional midwife and licensed midwife. Coley’s training includes a five year apprenticeship with several midwives, birth experience in Mexico, lactation education at Loma Linda University, employment and training with an herbalist. Coley also worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) for three years, is certified in neonatal resuscitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and phlebotomy.

Coley has attended over 500 births and supports a woman’s right to choose where and how she gives birth. Her belief is that women’s bodies were meant to give birth and in most cases can birth without intervention when they are comfortable and able to let their intuition guide them. Coley’s passion is in helping women feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with having a natural birth. She loves bonding with her fellow sisters throughout their journey to motherhood.

Coley has two daughter’s, Remedy and Winter, and a son, Indy. All three of her children were born at home, unassisted, with her loving husband.

With her calming demeanor, Coley is a gentle soul who allows women to feel comfortable and at ease. Knowing that there is not one right way for every woman, Coley’s method is to inform, educate, and support the new mother as she makes the best decision for her own transition into becoming a mother.


Lee Ann Gonzalez

birth assistant/ doula

Hello, my name is Lee Ann Gonzalez. When I had my first son I gained so much strength and encouragement from the women that were around me. Knowing that they had given birth before helped me believe that I could also make it through the process. Now that I am done having children I enjoy being there for other women as they are giving birth. I want to help them through the miraculous, beautiful, yet difficult process.

I received my Doula certificate in September 2017. I have been embracing birth work opportunities ever since! I was blessed to be able to connect with Coley Douglass after moving to the Temecula area. She has graciously allowed me to be her assistant at many births this last year. I love how Coley works in such a calm and skillful manner. I always leave the birth so uplifted and insprired. I am amazed by the strength of women and how natural the birthing process is.

I love doing birth work and would be happy to help in any capacity. I am bilingual and have 15 years experience teaching yoga and water aerobics. Giving birth is life-changing, empowering, and amazingly beautiful. Enjoy the journey.


Parva Shayassi

student midwife/doula

Parva Shayassi is……(coming soon)